Customer Loyalty Reward Tips: Punch Card vs. Points Card

Have you ever thought about which loyalty system is better to use? The new points system or the good old punch card? We understand that it can be difficult to adjust to new changes; for you and your customers. Everyone is already so used to how the system works. But believe us when we say that there are reasons why changes are made.
Let’s begin with the punch card; our old friend that started the loyalty card trend. We know for a fact that it has been effective and a proven to bring customers back time after time again. We all want FREE. And using that fact to your advantage when marketing can be a service to you as well as your customers.
We’ve laid out for you a visual example of what might happen between a punch card vs. a points card:

pointsvspunchcard copy

When dealing with punch cards there a various number of discrepancies that may occur. Customers may buy only the minimum amount and reap the maximum reward in the end. Or perhaps it may be the other way around when customer spend the larger amount and only get rewarded with less than they put in. Usually in most cases, the customers will be that of the minimum amount purchased. So you may be giving back to customers more than they are really spending as loyal consumers.
When dealing with points card, you can rest assure that customers will be rewarded equally and fair. Are you afraid that customers will rack up points only to spend in large massive one time amounts? Because it is your rewards and points systems you can control the rules. You can make it fair for both parties so they are reaping the rewards in small doses and you go home happy knowing that you have a steady flow of business.
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