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How Can Sintel Systems scale-integrated POS Systems improve your business' efficiency and increase profits?

With Sintel Systems fully integrated POS Systems transactions are processed quickly & accurately. Our top-of-the-line portfolio of Point of Sale software combine simple user interfaces with seamless integrated scale . Sintel Systems integrated systems features simple and intuitive attributes which does not require hours of training, and will make employee training easier.

One of the important features of Sintel Systems POS Systems is the directly integrated weight scale function. In businesses like self-serve Frozen Yogurt, Candy Shops, Bakeries, Salad Bars, and some Cafeterias customers pay by weight for purchased items. In such businesses, integrated POS scale expedite the sales process by automatically ringing up weighted items and calculate the total amount. Since the POS systems automatically reads the weighs the items palced on the scale, employee error or deliberate shrinkage is eliminated. So you can handle big line of customers in a very short time. Naturally, different operations will require different types of scales based on on-the counter needs including size and functional needs. The Avery 6702 is the counter scale for candy and chocolate shops. The Avery 6712 (ounce or gram) is perfect for frozen yogurt operations while Avery 6710 (pound or kilogram) is well suited for bakery operations. Smaller produce/grocery stores use the CAS PD-II and other market with quick scale/scanner needs select the Magellan 8400 Scale/Scanner No matter what your scale needs are, Sintel Systems is there to provide the right solution.

Check out these frequently asked questions.

- Self Serve Frozen Yogurt
- Bakery
- Candy & Chocolate Stores
- Coffee Shops - Produce and Grocery
- Salad House - and more...

Once the product is placed on the scale the cashier must simply activate the menu button and accept the weight already read by the software.

Yes, the data from the scale is captured by the POS system software. The total product price is then calculated based on the unit cost.

Yes, the weight is shown on the main pos scale display. The weight will also be displayed on the customer display.  A red light on the display will also indicate that the scale is at zero when empty.  In addition a "Zero" button will allow the cashier to easily zero out the scale.

All scales include a 6ft serial connection scale cable. Also included a bracket used to attach the scale display tot he scale body.

No, the scale will ship out from the main warehouse already factory calibrated.  For businesses that are dependent on the scale system, a calibration weight is highly recommended to avoid costly downtime. Note: If the scale is mishandled it might lose its’ calibration.

Generally scales require calibration every 12 to 18 months. On average a certified scale service agent will charge $85 to $150 for local calibration per visit. The $129 Calibration weight is a great investment and will allow for calibration on demand. 

On average a certified scale service agent will charge $85 to $150 for local calibration per visit. The $129 Calibration weight is a great investment and will allow for calibration on demand.

Yes, this scale and software is NTEP (National Type Evaluation Program) certified. (Legal for Trade, NTEP Class III, USA COC #00-096)

The scale includes a one year warranty provided by the manufacturer. Sintel Systems will process any warranty issues for customers on active support plans.