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Next Gen Self Service & Self Ordering Kiosk System

Meet your upgraded Employee of the Year! Sintel Systems next generation Model Ki2 kept its sleek all-in-one (AIO) Kiosk design allowing customer to place self orders or at the Kiosk point of sale solution. Fully integrated with all of Sintel Systems POS solutions, orders placed by customers at Sintel’s most innovative Kiosk are directly sent to the kitchen display system (KDS) or kitchen printer. With the different options, the Ki2 can be mounted on a wall, placed on the counter, or stand freely on the pole. Upgraded 2D built-in scanner and receipt printer offer a total independent solution, increasing operational efficiency, decreasing cost, and increasing accuracy. With the added built in EMV (Chip Card) reader, the new Ki2 had eliminated the need for the additional pip pad. The Kiosk’s customizable and intuitive user interface allows for increase in sales. While sending orders directly to the kitchen, all information is sent to the back office in real time that provides robust business analytics.

– Initial POS configuration

– Decreases Labor Cost

– Mountable, Counter, or Pole Options

– Built In EMV Reader

– Built In Receipt Printer & 2D Scanner

– Orders Sent Directly to Kitchen

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Customer Testimonial

"Sintel's one-stop systems had definitely simplified what we need to do."

"Sintel Support system has been top notch."

"With this system we are able to have something that in real time we can see what needs to get done, we can quickly identify and make changes and overall the efficiency to get food out the in the most efficient way possible. That is the greatest thing about this system. Listen to what he thinks about working with Sintel Systems."

"I don't have to call 4 or 5 different numbers."

"The great thing about Sintel is, I have one number, I have one point of contact. I pick up the phone, I call, boom-they're there."

"Raffi was overseeing operations for a major restaurant chain before deciding to pursue his passions and open his own restaurant. Listen to what he thinks about working with Sintel Systems."

Additional Hardware & Features

Additional Hardware & Features

Sintel Systems technical support is like no other. Covering hardware, software and all services, business owners can rest assured that their business will run without interruption.

– Initial POS setup and configuration

– Menu and inventory entry

– Unlimited training for all staff

– Built In EMV Reader

– All software updates and upgrades

– Periodic back ups of data

– Troubleshooting

-What else is included in support?

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