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From global fast food franchises, quick service drive thrus, fine dining establishments, bakeries making custom cakes, local produce or regional super market, national frozen yogurt chains or any other business, our clients are always Sintel’s top priority.

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Drive Thru POS Technology

“My research led me to Sintel. And what I found was a 24 hour full service from point of sale all the way to credit card processing. The guys have been great.”

“My relationship with Sintel is all I want it to be.”

Restaurant POS Technology


“I have used every POS system you can think of. Aloha, Micros, and even Squirrel. Nothing has been as simple and easy to use as Sintel Systems. Our customers can order delivery directly through Sintel System and eliminating the third party and saving us some money.”

Chinese Restaurant POS Technology

“This is the best systems among all others I’ve tried before.”

“This system is fast. It is easier for our chefs and bussers to proceed with their job.”

Cafe Wang Chinese Restaurant.

Restaurant POS Technology

“One of the greatest things about Sintel is…  I have one technical support number I call, boom they are there… I don’t have to call 4 or 5 different vendors.”

“I am extremely happy. Really easy, really simple.”

Tutti Frutti Frozen Yogurt POS Technology

“I do get approached by Bank of America and Wells Fargo to switch my POS System, but I would not go anywhere I love my system and I am staying with Sintel System.”

Frozen Yogurt & Ice Cream POS Technology

“The system actually works very well for what we do.”

“I like the flexibility”

Swirlz Frozen Yogurt.

Custom Cake & Bakery POS Technology

“Its easy to work in it and to get orders because all of the buttons are color coded and items are categorized… which gives us the opportunity to find items easy.”

“Its nice to work with Sintel Systems.”

“One of the easiest aspects of our expansion would be the use of our Sintel POS System.”

Bakery & Fast Food POS Technology

“I have to say thank you to Sintel Systems for proving the best service.”

“I definitely recommend Sintel Systems to new customers.”

Bakery & Chocolate POS Technology

“Before Sintel Systems we had to use pen and paper to take custom cake order, but now with the help of this POS systems we can take custom cake orders in the POS which makes our life and our customer’s lives way easier.”

“We basically have the big picture about the business.”

“Their excellent customer service.”


Produce & Market POS Technology

“We just celebrated our 50th anniversary.”

“Now that we have a point of sale system in place it allow us to track our inventory… It makes us more efficient.”

Concert & Event POS Technology


“Whats great about Sintel Systems is that it meets all of our sales needs.”

“So we get real time data in real time.”

“We considered ipads systems like you know Square and Clover, but those have limitations. We also looked at Micros.”

“We did our homework and we absolutely believe that Sintel POS System is the best choice for us.”

Fast Food POS Technology


“Sintel Systems is very good and user friendly. It saves a lot of time on training. Its very self explanatory.”

 “I enjoy working on it [Sintel POS] rather that working on a Micros system or the other one Genesis.”

Drive Thru Fast Food POS System.


“I have worked with a lot of point of sale. NCR was the brand. I looked at about 20 of the top brands… Sintel was the one system that was all inclusive.”

“The ease of maneuvering and the ease of ability to be able learn the system.”

Market & Grocery POS Technology


“What makes it [Sintel POS] unique is that many things go in line with convenience and quality, it’s pretty affordable and user-friendly.”

“When we are in touch with Sintel Systems Customer Support they are always available via phone and ready to answer all our questions.”

Ice Cream POS Technology


“Sintel Systems machine has made it a lot easier, quicker transactions.”


Frozen Yogurt POS Technology


“I’ve been  using Sintel for the last 3 years. Very very happy with their product line. I ma very happy with their service.”

“The company [previous POS company] name was Cafe Cartel. I had a lot of bad experiences with their service.”

“I am 100% satisfied.”


Frozen Yogurt POS Technology


“I did a to of research. I ran Sintel trough the ringer.”

“I am skeptical person. I generally believe things I can hear.”

“The supports been there. The answers have been there.”

“They continuously update the software. They’ve done a great job.”


Partner with Sintel System & Your Venture to the Ultimate Level