Emergency POS Support: Contact Sintel Systems for Your Technical Support

Contact Sintel SystemsIs it 11:30pm and are you in need of emergency POS support? Our technical support staff will be right on it.
Just contact Sintel Systems at: www.SintelSystems.com/contacts
Select the Technical Support Department and leave a message for your request.
A Sintel representative will be able to attend to your support request with in less than 24 hours.
Just remember to relax and stay calm, everything will be okay, we promise. Here at Sintel Systems we are a POS provider that goes beyond your average reseller. We don’t just sell you a POS system and give you a phone number that may or may not be able to be reached in the next year or two. Our Sintel Systems team is committed to our systems, we keep track of all our clients and we always take precautions to make sure Sintel POS Systems are kept in perfect shape. That means no surfing on the internet or no using a system with out a battery back up/voltage regulator!
We want the best working system for your store front to facilitate all of those important point of sale transactions.
Don’t hesitate to ask for help, that’s what we’re here for! From emergency POS support to facilitating warranty exchanges, Sintel Systems will take care of all your needs.

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