Dessert Hybrids: From Cronut to Scuffin

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Scuffin Treat: Hybrid Muffin and Scone

The Cronut was one of the latest popular pastry hybrid dessert of last year. It’s basically a cross between croissant and doughnut created by New York pastry chef Dominique Ansel. Just this week reported about the new treat around the block called the scuffin; hybrid muffin and scone!

“It has the shape of a muffin but the soft, flaky dough of a scone — and, like a jelly doughnut, it encloses a shot of sweet fruit in the middle.”

Apparently it is reported as being very easy to make and even rather healthy too. Whole grain flour, flax-seeds and just a touch of butter are the main ingredients to this new treat.
To read the full article go here. There’s even a recipe shared so you can make your own scuffin batch at home too!
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