Why You Need a POS (Point of Sale) System

www.sintelsystems.comWith technology exponentially growing more advanced with each new year that comes along in the 21st century, there are still many shops around that are still using the old manual cash register method (with the phone line credit card processor on the side). Sintel Systems knows that for some, it feels like too much of a major investment to purchase something that they can simply do for themselves the old fashion way. But times are changing as it’s getting more and more difficult to keep up with all those numbers that pile up in your store every day. Maybe you’re really good at doing it the old fashion way, but the old fashion way doesn’t give you back time spent counting.

It’s time to modernize with your very own POS system, the technology that will give you time so you can do concentrate on other aspects of your business and life.
According to a recent report titled Point of Sale Software BuyerView|2013 by Software Advise, the top reason businesses are looking for POS solutions is to:
• Improve accuracy
• Modernize their system
• To get specific POS features or functionality
Almost all respondents are seeking POS and inventory capabilities, with almost half seeking customer management too.

Key Findings from Software Advice:

1. Over a third of the buyers were point of sale software users looking for better options. About one-fourth of them were still using manual methods.

2. The most common reason was to improve accuracy and reduce inefficiency.

3. About 60 percent of buyers in 2010 preferred an on-premise point of sale system, less than 10 percent held the same preference in 2013.

To read more about the report and to view the charts go here.
Sintel Systems offers our customers the best technical and warranty support that can be received. We care about keeping your business in top shape and we give you all the tools to make sales efficiently and to collect customer information.
With times changing we know it’s hard to keep up with learning new technology. That is why Sintel Systems dedicates our technical support team to helping you understand your POS system as the years come along.
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