Frozen Yogurt Frenzy: We Love Frookies

www.sintelsystems.comDo you love ice cream sandwiches? Have you heard about the fabulous frozen yogurt sandwich the Frookie yet? Well we know that not everyone is as knowledge about frozen yogurt as we are here at Sintel Systems, since we are the number one provider of custom tailored Frozen Yogurt Sintel Systems POS www.sintelsystems.comPOS systems. So we just wanted to share the news on these exciting new treats.

Last week we highlighted the exciting winter delight treat: The Fronini. But we couldn’t forget to talk about the Frookie either!
FroyoWorld is taking the Frookie market by storm. Made with freshly baked cookies and chilled with sweet flavors of frozen yogurt, this treat is yet another great take on one of the many inventive ways to eat froyo. Of course we still love ice cream sandwiches, but life is about mixing it up a bit and trying new things. You can always come back to your beloved ice cream even if you love frozen yogurt.
Point in being we know there are many of you with bSintel Systems Frozen Yogurt POS www.sintelsystems.comright ideas that are just waiting to be let out onto the market for everyone to try. Whether it is a new dessert idea or the new healthy, quick and easy snack idea, you’re going to need a POS system to open up your shop and start selling to all your new customers.
That’s why Sintel Systems has made it easy for you to set up everything POS related you need so you can start selling your innovative ideas now. We are your one true stop for all of your POS needs. Sintel Systems will take care of your software, hardware, support, training, warranty and gift cards too. Our creative department will be able to take your design and logo to create a gift card perfect for your store.
Sintel Systems is the only full-service provider of tailored Point of Sale systems across retail, restaurant and service industries, including frozen yogurt shops, Sintel Systems Frozen Yogurt POS www.sintelsystems.compizzerias, sushi restaurants, cafés and retail stores.
We’ll get you set up with your Frozen Yogurt POS so you can start selling that next popular idea. Keep the creativity flowing!
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