Which POS (Point of Sale) Systems should I use?

www.sintelsystems.comIn a recently published article on Entrepreneur.com, the following headline was presented:
“Which Point of Sale System Should I Use? I am on a tight budget and opening a retail Christmas and candy shop. What would you recommend for a point of sale system for a small startup like this? What are the pros and cons of using traditional or mobile systems? Are some better for accounting and record keeping than others? What are the costs? What else should I consider?”

Sintel Systems POS www.sintelsystems.comEntrepreneur Ryan Himmel answers the questions making great points to take note of. We specifically noted that Himmel stated that “it can be helpful to buy software and hardware from one company, and you can turn to that company for customer support.”
To read the full article of answers to the questions, go here.
To finish the unanswered question, “What else should I consider?” Sintel Systems would like to add some input as to what to expect in perusing the world of POS:

-Make sure you know who to call for all your POS needs.

Just like with regular computers, smart phones and any other machine device you might own, you can’t expect that piece of equipment to work perfectly forever. Plus, this is your store front business technical equipment. You’re going to want it to stay in condition for a long long time. But as with anything, over time there is going to be the general wear and tear and with technology changing pace more rapidly than ever, software development seems look like a new and different language each year! Each POS company, hardware manufacturer and software developer designs their POS in their own specific way. Make sure that before you buy your POS system, you ask if there is a number to call just in case you might need any help with the equipment in the future. In many cases we see resellers of POS systems that leave clients with no clue or a hard route into understanding their POS systems.
Here at Sintel Systems, we give you that one telephone number to call. Our technicians are just three rings away from picking up your phone call. We’re not the technical support line that gives you a ticket until two or three days later to contact you. We pick up the phone the day you call us. Sintel Systems will answer your phone call faster than your nearest pizza shop. With an easy phone number to remember, (972) POS-TECH, you can know that Sintel Systems will answer any questions regarding the care and operation of your Sintel POS System.

– Make sure there are no hidden fees.

With many businesses that want to give you quotes on your request for said system. Or even companies that advertise FREE. Always, always, always make sure to be careful of hidden fees. Often times in sales when numbers are quoted some information is “unintentionally” not mentioned as it is just “small print” anyway.
Here at Sintel Systems, we are a transparent company. We list all of the prices of our systems and our support on our website for any potential buyer to see. We don’t have a sales force, yes we’ll give you all the specifics when you want to buy a POS system from us, but we don’t bother to hire “sales people” to bombard you with pressure you don’t need. Sintel Systems believes in our product and services and we want you to be seen in the light of our honesty and not sales people pushing pressure on your back.
These are just a few of highlighted pieces of information to consider when buying a POS system. Stay tuned for more snippets about what to expect from POS and Sintel Systems.
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