The Future of Space Pizza
We certainly don’t plan on selling POS systems in space anytime in the near future, as NASA probably has no current plans to launch a pod of people into space to facilitate any point of sale transactions. But nevertheless here at Sintel Systems we still find the latest idea for launching pizza into space pretty cool and we wanted to share it with you. In recent word by The Verge on aerospace food development, NASA has been funding research in 3D-printed food. Anjan Contractor, a senior mechanical engineer at Systems and Materials Research Corporation received a $125,000 grant from NASA to create a prototype of his universal food synthesizer. Contractor’s goal was to print a pizza with his open-source RepRap Mendel 3D printer — and it looks like he succeeded.
To watch the video and read the article, go here.
Point of Sale Pizza www.BestPizzaPOS.com3D Printer Image courtesy of Quartz
Quartz reported:
Pizza is an obvious candidate for 3D printing because it can be printed in distinct layers, so it only requires the printer to lay down one layer at a time. As the layers are placed, they bake at the same time it’s printed by a heated plate at the bottom of the printer. Then it lays down a tomato base, “which is also stored in a powdered form, and then mixed with water and oil,” says Contractor.
Read more on the article here.
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