Its Gift Card Season. Pizza, Restaurant, or any other type!

With the holiday season right around the corner,  Gift Card demand will increase for your restaurant, pizza shop, or any other store you may have. It may as well be called Gift Card Season. Our integrated point of sale systems offer you the advantage of selling gift cards. There are many reason to go promote gift cards to your customers including:

  • Gift cards have proven to increase sales.
  • POS integrated gift cards give you the best picture of your customers.
  • They advertise your brand every time someone takes them out.
  • Like credit cards, customers on average spend more with gift cards.
  • Convenient gift ideas for your customers.

Need help promoting gift cards? We got you covered. We offer promotions material including gift card posters and holders to increase exposure. How else can you increase card  usage? Utilize the cards for rewards and loyalty programs.
Sintel Systems is quality provider point of sale systems to the entire retail and service industries. Its clients include major franchise and chain operations.
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