Awesome Smoothie? Green Regimen! Best Juice Bar POS? Sintel Systems!

Some of the same ingredients that make a perfect point of sale (POS) system, also make an awesome recipe to a smoothie at home or at your juice bar. Dedication, expertise , and understanding in both (Smoothie and POS) bring your customers the needed experience to come back again and again. Are you looking at opening a juice bar to give your community a healthy alternative? While Sintel Systems can provide you with your point of sale and technology needs (security cameras, advanced phone systems, etc), you should get the right advice from an industry expert. Who? Let’s start with this video and then go on.

If you are looking for a healthy alternative in your everyday life, then you have found the gold mine. Well, actually a Green Mine. This is also true if you are trying to join your passion for health with that of your business desires. Get real help from the founder of Green Regimen himself, Mr. Tyshawn Bryant. After all, the most important component of your juice bar will be the smoothie and how you make super healthy, but delicious smoothies for your customers. Green Regimen and Tyshawn have perfected the smoothie. With years of experience in the health, fitness, and diet industry, Tyshawn’s invaluable expertise can navigate you to a successful juice bar operations. So, if you are considering opening a juice bar or have an existing operation, Green Regimen can bring in the vigor and experience you need to make your juice bar stand out.
The Green Regimen recipe that Tyshawn offers is a great way to start, but as it is well know, many more components are needed to run a successful juice bar. Tyshawn can teach you all the other factors including understanding your customer. As an example, what is the difference between a customer who comes in after a two hour workout versus a person trying to lose weight, and a client who is short on time. Answer: A very big difference. Part of running a juice bar is 1) understanding your customers’ needs, 2) tailoring a solution to those needs, and 3) making them a loyal and returning customer. This is just a small part of your business which Tyshawn can help you with. Employee training? While Green Regimen’s recipes look simple, given the thin line between good tasting smoothie and horrible experience, the methodology in making 100s of smoothies a day is much different than making a single one for yourself. Tyshawn can help with this, proper product selection, and employee training integrating our POS software functions.
As your number one juice and smoothies POS provider, your success is important to us. This is why we carefully partner with the industry’s best to make sure you succeed. So, as your POS provider, we highly encourages all our start up and exciting juice bars contact Green Regimen and increase the “Green” in your business.
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About: Green Regimen is a health and fitness organization that offers people an alternative to losing weight, achieving their optimal level of health, and taking control of their lives. Green Regime offers the smoothie and juice bar industry various levels of consulting services including menu development and training. The recipes offered by Green Regimen are complimentary for private and individual use. The name Green Regimen and its logos are the sole property of Green Regime and protected as such. Green Regime offers its service, menu, and use of its name under licensing agreements to interested commercial parties. Please contact Green Regime for more information at They are available to all Sintel Systems clients and ready to meet you anywhere in the World to help you get Green.
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