Chipotle's Online Ordering Continues to Drive Sales

Chipotle’s Mexican Grill Inc. experienced a large surge of growth in it’s digital sales last quarter. Chiptole, which has about 2,500 locations has focused on a multi pronged online strategy. In January the company released the popular Lifestyle Bowl menu which may only be ordered through Chipotle’s website or mobile app. These entrée were created with diet conscious, keto and paleo customers in mind. Interest in these meals helped the chain generate 1 million media impressions. Also, this spring,  the company added vegan and vegetarian options to the Lifestyle bowl line.
On  March 12th, Chipotle launched a new customer loyalty program ‘Chipotle Rewards’. For every $1 a customer spends, they earn 10 points. A free entrée can be redeemed for 1,250 points.  This averages out to every 12th or so meal free for most customers. Also offered is free chips and guacamole for signing up and bonuses such as special extra points days. To kick off the program, Chipotle partnered with Paypal owned mobile payment service Venmo for a give away contest. The cash prizes ranged from away $1 to $500 per person, with $250,000 total given away.
While the quick serve Mexican eatery is pleased with its success, the company will continue to improve its omni channel solutions to make the chain more convenient. Chipotle is rolling out a mobile-order drive thru test, called Chipotlanes, and is also adding mobile order pickup shelves in all locations. The company sees the pickup shelves as a “key ingredient to improved pickup times”. Instead of waiting in line, busy customers can place a mobile order, go to the shelf, pick up the appropriate order, and be on their way. Company execs believe that the “industry-leading delivery times” generated by the new ordering modes are key to more delivery sales.
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