Omni-Channel Operations: Amazon Expands Its Return Program to All Kohl's Stores

Kohl’s department store announced that it was expanding its return partnership with online retail giant Amazon. Beginning in July, the program will allow Amazon customers to make returns at all Kohl’s 1,159 stores in the United States. The program began testing in 2017 and is currently available in 100 Kohl’s stores mostly in Los Angeles, Chicago and Milwaukee. Also 200 Kohl’s stores have dedicated retail space for Amazon smart devices. Customers can test and purchase items such as the Fire tablet and the Echo voice-enabled speaker.
Kohl’s will accept “eligible” Amazon returns from customers free of charge. Before visiting, customers must choose the Kohl’s return option in their Amazon account. Upon receipt, Kohl’s mass packages and sends the returns to Amazon return centers. Customers receive refunds within a few days after their return is processed.
This is a great example of an omni channel innovation. Both companies earn something from the partnership. The Amazon returns program drives foot traffic into Kohl’s. When making returns, some customers have reported receiving a limited time coupon from Kohl’s, further enticing them to shop at the store. Amazon benefits from the program too. The company saves money by receiving multiple returns in large shipments from from Kohl’s, rather than picking up individual returns at countless home or office addresses. Busy customers win with another option for making returns.
More and more companies are creating omni channel solutions to meet the needs of their busy customers. Will your restaurant be left behind?
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