Yum Yum Yogurt Successful Fro Yo of Artesia, New Mexico

Yom Yum Fro Yo
Sleek and simple yet fashionably comfortable!

Just another Fro Yo? I think not!

Looks like another great frozen yogurt shop has opened up to another part of the world. Yum Yum Yogurt brings fro yo goodness to the city of Artesia, New Mexico. With a sleek and simple yet fashionable design, our Model 5i fits perfectly along with this fro yo decor.
Yum Yum Yogurt has only just been opened for just a little over a month and they already have 400 admirers on their social media facebook page. The reign of frozen yogurt sits happily in the bellies of Artisia residents.
Photo courtesy of Yum Yum Yogurt: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Yum-Yum-Yogurt/575558229164657.
Not only do our Sintel Systems integrated POS scales fit two frozen yogurt cups at a time but as pictured below, it can fit up to as many as 5 cups of frozen yogurt (that’s many as you can position on!).
No wonder the image is a bit wobbly. That scale is weighing the maximum cups of Yum Yum frozen yogurt!
And there goes another frozen yogurt shop, off to a great start of success. By the looks of it, Yum Yum’s successful beginning might even lead them to franchising at the rate their going. If you’re ever in Artesia, New Mexico, be sure to stop on by and enjoy your fro yo fix:
318 W. Main
Artesia, New Mexico 88210
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