Yogurt with a Twist – Frozen Yogurt Point of Sale Provided by Sintel System

Opening on Monday May 18th, 2009, Yogurt With a Twist is the newest and coolest Frozen Yogurt Shop in Southern California.  With frozen yogurt being the new Starbucks Coffee there seems to be one on every major street, except they are all uniquely designed with their own identity, character, and taste.  Since machines make the frozen yogurt, the major difference is in the experience you take from having a cold scoop of frozen yogurt topped with peaches and strawberry syrup.  Although toppings can be a major contributor to retaining customers, the experience is almost as important.
Yogurt With a Twist’s owner, Samhi Salty, is determined to making a statement in Studio City, California as he puts on the finishing touches getting ready for the grand opening.  Besides the furniture, lights, and music playing in the background customers demand still demand fast service.  After all who wants to wait for the frozen yogurt on a hot sunny day? I know I don’t, and with one frozen yogurt shop on every street it is easy to skip and go to the next one. “All our ingredients especially the fruit is cut fresh daily,” said Mr. Salty. “We take everything serious.  From out staff’s appearance to our stores cleanliness we are dedicated in providing the best experience in frozen yogurt today,” he added.
One factor Yogurt With a Twist expressed to Sintel Systems was the ability to process customers as efficiently as possible.  Mr. Salty understood the importance of keeping the customer happy by providing a smooth transaction process. “This is why we choose the weighted method of charging for our frozen yogurt. Plus the customer knows best what they want with their frozen yogurt, and processing the sale is very important.”
Yogurt With A Twist – Opening May 18, 2009
Sintel Systems offers a Frozen Yogurt Point of Sale System complete with Touch PC, thermal printer, cash drawer, customer display, credit card reader, scale, and software.  Customers simply hand their cups to the cashier, the cup is weight and data is transmitted from the scale to the frozen yogurt point of sale system.  The total is displayed for the customer and payment is collected.  The key is processing the customer the fastest possible. The speed of the transaction is directly related to the happiness level of the customer.
For our Southern California Point of Sale customers  we offer on-site installation.   If you are interested in a custom point of sale system setup.  We offer single terminal system, multi terminal systems, and multi store systems.  If you multiple locations with a headquarter, we ca set up up to monitor your location form headquarters.  We offer everything from frozen yogurt point of sale to grocery, produce, meat & deli.  We also offer retail point if sale with inventory control.  Our showroom is located in Glendale, CA on the border of Glendale and Burbank.  We provide service to Glendale, Burbank, Pasadena, Los Angeles, Orange County, New Port Beach, Irvine, and more.  Appointment for demonstrations can be schedules via email or phone at (855) POS-SALE.