CCTV Video Recovery – Security Cameras Video Recovery

If you watched the channel 2 or 9 news on Monday night you would have probably seen the story called, Bandits Steal Car Used In ‘Fast And Furious. In the news story the anchor persons are speaking of the surveillance video footage recovered by Sintel Systems.  Mellissa McCarty of Channel 2 News contacted me and within 1 hour we had the crew meet at our office showroom.  The Security Camera System had captured the act of the 2 criminals as they entered the warehouse and drove off with the $75,000 show car.
855-POS-SALEThe cameraman captured the video and sent it to the studios for editing. We work with law enforcement frequently in providing surveillance video recovery.  Some DVR’s are not easily accessible as others. Older models require coding, and some are just hard to work with.  855-CCTV-SAL is able to extract video surveillance from any DVR.  If you have recorded it, they can back it up for you.
If you have any information regarding this event please contact the Los Angeles County Police Department at (213) 485-2563.

Sintel Systems relies on 855-CCTV-SAL for its own security needs in our office in New Jersey. We recommend all of our POS clients to contact 855-CCTV-SAL for for a hands on security camera experience.  They are currently displaying various types of cameras and DVRs.  855-CCTV-SAL can demonstrate how different DVRs and Cameras work in different settings.  They specialize in high quality DVRs capable of capturing images used for evidence.  They also offer DVR repair services including upgrades.  You may also book on-site service calls in Los Angeles County and Orange County.  They are very active in Southern California including Pasadena, Long Beach, Glendale, Burbank, Los Angeles, Arcadia, Irvine, New Port Beach, Huntington Beach, Downtown, and many more areas.