Carts & Kiosk Point of Sale System Use Gowing

Kiosks are everywhere.  Weather you are walking through the mall or hanging our near the promenade.  They are hard to miss and drawn in customer with everyday useful goods such as cell phone accessories, make up & jewelry, hats, purses, and much more.  The more complex Kiosks equipped with plumbing and gas can be used as coffee shops and hot dog stands.
Kiosks can have different uses around the world but difficulty to manage seems to be one attribute common along carts and kiosks. They are usually placed in walking area with exposure to all sides attracting people as they pass.  Given their size most are covered by one employee, who is in charge of sales, service and overall managerial needs of the day.
Given all the duties the employee is responsible for it leaves no room for loss prevention and security.   The most common cases of theft are omitted by groups of individuals who distract employees while accomplices do the stealing.  Other cases are driven by employees who find it easy to pocket items and sell them on the black market.
So what’s the solution?
I’m sorry to break it to you but there is no easy button for this one.  Shrinkage is actually almost never eliminated.  Given some exceptions such as jewelry, cars, and houses shrinkage is always given an allowance.  Smart companies budget for loss prevention and account for shrinkage. So what is considered acceptable shrinkage?  Depends on what you’re selling, but generally anywhere between 1 to 2 percent is OK.
A major reason in bankruptcies is uncontrollable shrinkage.  This is not because the inventory is not controllable, but rather lack of management tools to control inventory.Point of Sale & Surveillance Systems are two major management tools used to control shrinkage.When used together in combination with some policy, sales and inventory can be controlled, monitored, and adjusted properly.
Theft can occur by customers and employees.Which one hurts the pocket more? Employees can definitely cause more damage then customers can.Customers are limited to a certain degree and usually blocked by access control devised.Employees have access to areas with valuables and can always manipulate the system.Hand written invoices can always be altered and ordinary cash registers can’t explain much either.
A Point of Sale System can control the in flow and out flow of all inventory.All employee activity is tracked including time clock.A Surveillance Security Camera System can monitor all register activities and cover inventory presented to customer in the show areas.
Since inventory is controlled from the time it is order to the time it is re-ordered you always now how you’re doing.  A Surveillance works to confirm what your point of sale system reports are presenting.  If you suspect employees clocking in and out for each other, it is only a matter of time for you to confirm by reviewing security camera footage.  This also makes it necessary for your surveillance system to be of high quality.  You should never cut back quality in order to compensate for price.  It is better to install 4 high quality cameras then 8 low quality cameras in the same area.  You need your surveillance video recording not at the time of install when you pay for it, but rather when you are trying to compile evidence.855-POS-SALE
Time and time again you witness news channels report of criminal activity sometimes with surveillance video recovered by the authorities.  Have you ever wondered why the video collected is always blurry and people’s faces are always unclear.  The video surveillance world is barley entering the high-resolution color stage and recorders are becoming better and better.
Kiosk Solution
A 4 Camera surveillance system with a 4 Channel H.264 Compression DVR can cover a small kiosk on all four sides.  Accompaied by a Kiosk Point of Sale System that can be Mobile you can mamage all aspects of your business remotly.  Imagine sitting in your office and haveing video and database acess to every kiosk location.  Using Intenet and Network Solutions we are able to give you remote access to all important imformation.  Get real-time reporting on all business activity inclugin instant profit loss reports.