26 Year-Old Franchise: Yogen Fruz Top Frozen Yogurt Worldwide

Ever gone to or walked by a Yogen Fruz frozen yogurt shop and wondered if you could start the next frozen yogurt franchise to be like Fruz?  Sintel Systems, the major frozen yogurt POS (point of sale) partner in the the industry, has incubated POS systems for more frozen yogurt franchises than any other.
It was 1986 when two young brothers opened their first store in the Promenade Mall of Ontario, Canada. With their great success along the years since first opening, Entrepreneur’s Magazine selected Yogen Fruz as 1999’s Top Franchise of the year! They still reign tall today in the year 2013. Rated as one of the Top 500 Global Franchises for over 20 years; Yogen Fruz is always continuously raising the bar.
Sintel Systems staff visited that lastest Yogen Fruz location in Puerto Rico on their recent travel to PR to meet with many of their clients. “Doing right what we do is increasingly helping all of our customers continue with their expansions locally, nationally, and globally,” commented Sintel Systems.
Sintel Systems is the leading provider of point of sale (POS) systems in the frozen yogurt industry and supplies many of Puerto Rico’s frozen yogurt shops. We are a true one-stop POS solution which means we offer software, hardware, support, training, warranty, upgrades, gift cards and anything else POS you can think of. There is only one phone number necessary to address all your point of sale needs: (972)POS-TECH
With our Franchise Growth Oriented Pricing (FGOP), we give you the stepping stools you need to oversee and branch out to locations all over the world.
You can find our most sleek and stylish newly designed POS system here: SintelSystems.com/5i
Please feel free to contact us with any questions or to make an appointment for a live demo. We can also refer you to our existing customers in Puerto Rico if you would like to see our systems.
Sintel Systems is the only full-service provider of tailored Point of Sale systems across retail, restaurant and service industries, including frozen yogurt shops, pizzerias, sushi restaurants, cafés and retail stores.
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