Whole Foods Moving Corporate Headquarters to Glendale California!

Los Angeles, Ca – November 19, 2012 – Whole Foods, a national grocery chain, recently announced that it will make Glendale its corporate headquarters sharing the City with other national and international companies such as Sintel Systems, a leading provider of point-of-sale (POS), security camera, and phone systems. As a central location in Los Angeles County, Glendale serves as a desired location given its proximity to downtown Los Angeles, Hollywood, the West Side, Orange County, and other Southern California communities.
Whole Foods is known for their incredible huge selection of fresh, high quality, and organic foods. With a branch already located in Glendale, it makes sense that Whole Foods has chosen Glendale as the site for their brand new regional headquarters. The supermarket chain has long focused on providing consumers with natural goods with the goal of promoting a healthy lifestyle, and now with a brand new headquarters, Whole Foods can continue to meet consumer demand well into the future. The move consists of approximately 140 employees and will take up 45,000 square feet of sleek office space located on 207 Goode Ave. Whole Foods representatives explored numerous different locations, but the Glendale space  “felt right,” said Hilary Maler, a spokeswoman for the company.
The City of Glendale, along with its residents, are thrilled to add Whole Foods to its list of high profile corporate residents. Some of these residents include Nestle’ USA, Cigna Healthcare of California, The Disney Store, Inc., IHOP Corporation, DreamWorks Animation Studios, Walt Disney Imagineering and Public Storage, Inc. Residents within the Glendale community are also excited to be some of the first to test out new Whole Foods products and concepts at the local Glendale Branch located on Glendale Ave.

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