Fast Food Wendy's Franchise CEO on Drive Thru

Quick Service Restaurant franchise Wendy’s (The Wendy’s Company NASDAQ: WEN) with over 6,700 stores and 50 years of history reported higher than had been expected earnings today. The company which opened 43 more restaurants globally in the first quarter, is set to bring the Spicy Chicken Nugget back after a 2 million Tweet challenge.
Earlier today on CNBC’s Mad Money Wendy’s CEO discussed the importance of Wendy’s speed at the drive thru and expanding delivery capabilities. Todd A Penegor, President and Chief Executive Officer,  emphasized the importance of the drive thru by mentioning that the first Wendy’s founded by Dave Thomas had a drive thru.
While online and kiosk ordering continue to grow in the fast food restaurant industry, all major franchises are focused on making the drive thru experience faster and better.  Nearly 70% of fast food giant McDonald’s business occurs via drive-thru. For popular fried chicken restaurant Chick-Fil-A its 60% with one of the highest satisfaction rates due in part to their drive thru POS configuration. Some restaurants have even remodeled to add or installed a double drive thru for new franchise developments.
Wendy’s is currently investing $25 billion in digital initiatives to modernize its digital platforms and improve its competitiveness. The company has already installed self-serve kiosks in about 75 percent of its US stores and accelerated its delivery program with DoorDash. Furthermore, the company is redesigning existing stores to better serve digital QSRs needs. Wendy’s is also introducing digital scanners in its stores. The technology will improve speed by allowing employees to simply scan mobile coupons, rather than keying them into a POS system, as was done previously.
Sintel Systems is focused on the current and future needs of the quick serve industry to ensure that the industry is equipped with the most effective POS solutions, no matter how the market evolves. Using our omni channel approach customers can order with an employee using a hand held device at busy drive thrus, order from a kiosk, order from their phone or order from a computer. If they prefer, they can even order inside the restaurant from staff at the counter. All transactions from devices are seamlessly sent to the kitchen display system (KDS). Kitchen staff stays completely in the know of customer orders and what order to cook them in. That’s the goal of omni channel POS, service is provided to the customer where they want it, how they want it.