Sizzler POS Solutions Goes Omni Channel

Sizzler, the family friendly steakhouse known for its signature Cheese Toast, recently announced that it’s launching a series of contests to giveaway Sizzler gift cards on social media for ‘Celebration Season’–Mother’s Day, graduations and Father’s Day. Most importantly, the company is focusing on adding omni-channel solutions to its point of sales system to improve efficiency and enhance the customer experience.
The first Sizzler was opened in Culver City, California by Del and Helen Johnson in 1958. The restaurant quickly became well known for offering quality steaks dinners at reasonable prices. Sizzler pioneered a unique ordering system in which customers order and pay for their meals at a cashier station, then relax at a table or booth while their cooked-to-order entrees are delivered to them.
Sizzler understands that today’s customers have a wide range of needs. Some customers come to the restaurant for family gatherings, while others like to order online and enjoy Sizzler in the comfort of their own homes. Increasingly, restaurants are left behind if they don’t offer digital ordering. The online food delivery market is rapidly growing. For the US alone, revenue for 2019 is projected at $19,472 million. As most of the online ordering is done by younger consumers, restaurants stand to lose out on generations of customers as these consumers grow older and build families. One study found that millennials are three times as likely to place an order using an online delivery platform than their parents.
Sintel Systems recently created a solution showing omni-channel POS ordering options available to Sizzler and other casual dining restaurants.

Sintel Systems is a global leader in omni channel solutions for the restaurant industry. Our Direct-to-POS online ordering platform was specifically designed for restaurants. This system allows eateries of all sorts to have a custom, secure website and mobile app to support customer ability for placing orders on the go. Through our omni channel approach, customers can order using a table side device, order from an easy to use self serve kiosk, order from their phone or order from a computer.