Uber, Parent of Uber Eats Online Ordering System files for IPO

Amid much excitement from investors Uber, the ride sharing company filed for its initial public offering. Ultimately, stock sales could see Uber valued at $100 billion. Uber, which revolutionized transportation in many cities around the world is sure to inject new capital into its side businesses such as Uber Eats, the online food ordering and delivery platform. Currently, Uber Eats has partnerships with some of the biggest fast food companies in the US such as Starbucks, McDonald’s and Subway.
In recent years, the demand for technology driven food ordering has exploded. Customers deeply prize the convenience of choosing how they want to order and receive their food. With Uber’s likely cash infusion into Uber Eats, the battle for market share between food ordering and delivery services such as Uber Eats, Grubhub, and DoorDash is likely to heat up.
Unfortunately, this struggle leaves many eateries in a difficult tug of war. Being featured on several 3rd party online food ordering and delivery services can add to a company’s overhead. Uber Eats collects between 15%-30% service fee on delivery transactions. Also,  managing orders both from in-house and 3rd party ordering services can be a recipe for chaos. However, if a restaurant  partners with a single ordering and delivery platform, they risk missing out on valuable customers who use a different service.
Furthermore, a poor experience using a 3rd party food delivery platform can taint a customer’s view of a restaurant, whether it’s the restaurant’s fault or not. People often complain on social media about online food ordering platforms not honoring restaurant coupons or delivery problems. Using a custom online food ordering and delivery platform helps vendors to minimize mistakes and reward loyal customers.
Sintel Systems’ has cornered the market with its omni channel solutions. Its flagship product, the Direct-to-POS online ordering system allows vendors to have a personalized, secure website for orders. It also offers the creation of a custom mobile application to support customer ability for making orders on the go. Orders placed on a website or mobile app immediately appear on a vendor’s POS system along with in-house orders. If a customer decides to alter their order, they can easily contact the vendor directly. No customer confusion about whom to call. Private cloud services protect and back up vendor data. Let Sintel Systems help grow your online presence, food order and delivery business with a fully integrated Direct-to-POS system.