Fast Food Giant McDonald's Releases McPickle for April Fool's

On April 1 McDonald’s in Australia teased a ‘burger’ called the McPickle. The sandwich consisted of juicy pickles layered on a bun with melted cheese and ketchup. Pickle fans were instantly enamored. Sadly, the McPickle was later revealed to be an April Fool’s Day prank.
However pickle loving fans have figured out a clever way to order the sandwich. Customers can order a regular Big Mac and request that the meat patty, special sauce and onion not be included. Customers should then ask for ketchup and three orders of extra pickles to be added. Boom! You may incur a small charge for price differences, but you’ll also have yourself a McPickle. This is the perfect example of customers figuring out a way to have the product they want exactly how they want it.
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