Mobile Ordering Fuels Panera's Breakfast Strategy

Panera Bread is raising the stakes! The company known for soup, sandwiches and salads is executing a new breakfast strategy. In recent years, the breakfast market has been dominated by fast food companies such as McDonald’s, Dunkin’ and Taco Bell. Panera is entering the fray with a new breakfast menu. Offerings include an egg white, spinach and cheese vegetarian wrap and bakery items. Also Panera is revamping its coffee game. Panera is working with parent company JAB Holding, to improve quality and offer new roasts. Panera is hoping the new menu will grow its catering business, which is already 30% breakfast.
panera-bread-sintel-sysems-blogCurrently over 75% of Panera’s sales take place after 11 a.m. A goal of Panera is to be known as a place where a customer can purchase 3 meals a day. Important to Panera’s breakfast plan is improving their omni channel approach. A customer can order breakfast on the mobile app and pick it up, enjoy a lunch with co-workers in the restaurant and order dinner online and have it delivered. Panera recently added a feature on its mobile app that lets customers repeat past orders. In May, some stores will start testing a mobile app tap and pay option. Convenience and quick transaction times are sure to attract to attract hungry customers on the go.
Panera has an advantage with its in-house order and delivery service. Panera controls the delivery experience and isn’t forced to share customer data with other companies. Furthermore, Panera doesn’t pay the 15-30% service fee charged by online order and delivery companies. Panera pass on these savings to customers with a flat $3 charge for delivery. By offering a new breakfast menu, quick, convenient mobile ordering and easy delivery, Panera hopes to gain a commanding share of the breakfast market.
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