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Tutti Frutti Frozen Yogurt POS
If you’re one of the many people riding the frozen yogurt wave and want to open your own Tutti Frutti shop please find your Tutti Frutti POS system here:
This self-serve frozen yogurt shop, equipped with the professional point-of-sale system from Sintel Systems, has quickly gained popularity all around the US, serving over 50 flavors and several toppings to residents in more than 15 states.
Consumer demand for products like frozen yogurt drives the focus & development of the point-of-sale industry to new heights. Make sure your business is up to speed by purchasing a professional Frozen Yogurt POS System from Sintel Systems. Sintel provides point-of-sale for every type of retail & food service industry. Sintel is also the leading provider of networking, franchising, GPS & surveillance services.
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