CherryBerry – Olkahoma Frozen Yogurt – Point of Sale

Continuing the conquest of frozen yogurt across North America, we present CherryBerry: a new self-serve yogurt lounge opening its doors to a sea of yogurt-crazy consumers in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma. A wide variety of flavors and toppings are a necessity for any good frozen yogurt shop, and CherryBerry certainly delivers with over 12 flavors and 50 toppings. Taste & variety aren’t the only things on the menu here, however. CherryBerry places a strong focus on nutrition as well. Customers can expect a frosty, healthy treat that’s rich in vitamins, calcium & protein, without sacrificing taste.
In addition to a large variety of quality products, CherryBerry boasts cutting-edge point-of-sale from Sintel Systems that makes managing orders and processing transactions as painless, efficient and accurate as possible. The professional Frozen Yogurt POS system provided by Sintel allows businesses like this one to keep up with the demand of their product and provide simple, consistent & accurate customer service.
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