The Farm-to-Table Trend

What is Farm-to-Table fare? Farm-to-Table is when food produced locally is then delivered to local consumers. from the Discovery Channel interviewed several renowned chefs about the “farm-to-table food movement.” Tom Colicchio, Chef/Owner of Craft Restaurants and Colicchio and Sons and judge on Bravo’s Top Chef said this about farm-to-table: “It’s really buying food from

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Sushi POS

If you are a lover of food & culture, chances are you like to eat Sushi. Few dishes from the Land of the Rising Sun have captured the hearts (and palates) of the American people quite like Sushi. Sushi eaters enjoy the freshness, diverse tastes and a sense of culture that it brings. You can

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Steakhouse POS

Steak has been an integral part of the western family dinner since the first time we met the unfortunate cow. Americans love steak.  Whether it’s cooked “rare” or “well done” and you chose the famous New York Steak, Rib Eye Steak or Filet Mignon, this food is an essential part of the American society.  You

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Pizza / Pizzeria POS

Looking for the best Pizza Point of Sale System that you can depend on? No matter if you own a local pizzeria, have multiple locations, or are planning for a national franchise, Pizza POS systems from Sintel Systems will help save valuable time and generate profit. What’s your Pizza Style? Chicago deep-dish, New York thin-crust,

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Kabob Place POS

Kabob is a delicious Turkish dish served differently than traditional dishes. People who eat this exotic food can choose from lamb, beef, chicken, pork, or seafood cooked on open flame and served on a skewer. A consumer can enjoy these exquisite flavors over a plate of rice pilaf, salad, and pita bread. Kabob Places even

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Food Service POS

The Food Service industry is growing fast because it serves millions of consumers daily. This is highly competitive and customers demand for better food quality, service, and options. Recalls and outbreaks are on the rise. Cutting costs by enhancing efficiencies and improving customer service is more important than ever.  So whether your establishment provides table

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Fast Food POS

You can’t say America without thinking of Fast Food. This industry has been a cornerstone of our economy for the better part of a century; some might argue that it’s a part of who we are. In a modern world filled with hustle and bustle, it can be a difficult to get a bite to

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Chinese Food POS

Chinese cuisine has become a favorite exotic food appealing to millions of people across the world. Almost everyone enjoys Chinese food daily. It offers dishes that are known to be some of the tastiest, most affordable and distinctive in the world that brings a unique flavor to the table. From sweet and sour to spicy,

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Cafeteria POS

You can’t help but feel a bit nostalgic in a Cafeteria. Most of us can remember the Cafeteria lady who gave us our freshly prepared food and chocolate milk back in school.  Those were great days. Today, Cafeterias have gained much popularity, and folks looking for a simple, homey eating experience at reasonable prices can

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