Coffee Giant Starbucks' Tech Investment

Starbucks—the world’s largest coffee chain, with more than 30,000 location is investing in digital technology company Brightloom to improve customer convenience. Brightloom, which launched in 2015 under the earlier name eatsa, makes various efficiency based softwares including mobile apps, digital payments and shelves with integrated displays. Starbucks’s investment in Brightloom is significant, but neither company has disclosed the specific financial terms.
The coffee company plans to use Brightloom tech to speed up its offering of mobile ordering and payment options at its global stores.  Currently less than 50% of Starbucks markets around the world utilize the company’s mobile app, and only eight markets have digital payments.
In China, Starbucks is experiencing intense competition from upstart Luckin Coffee which recently went public. Luckin  specializes in delivery and mobile ordering. Recently Luckin announced that it had signed a joint partnership to launch mobile ordering, payment and delivery supported coffee shops throughout the Middle East and India.
Digital ordering and delivery programs are becoming increasingly vital to the restaurant industry; often the scope of a company’s digital presence can have a significance effect in drawing new customers. Mobile payment options are still small in the U.S. According to a 2019 survey of U.S. restaurant operators only 31% percent of restaurants offer mobile payment options.
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