Sintel Systems Frozen Yogurt POS: Yogurtmania

Yogurtmania LogoWith already over 15,000 likes and 2,244 facebook users talking about this recent frozen yogurt success, Yogurtmania has cleverly taken over the Costa Rican fro yo market just in the last year. When it comes to Frozen Yogurt POS, Sintel Systems knows best. With our highly efficient Spanish-speaking team connecting us to our Latin-American neighbors, we help bring the ease and understanding of using a frozen yogurt POS to countries even beyond our home operating headquarters. Sintel Systems provides quality POS hardware, software, training & support and even custom colored gift cards for countries across the globe. With the ease of our user-friendly program, POS set up is just a phone call away. Sintel Systems can provide a full one-stop POS package anywhere around the world without ever having to physically be there.

Yogurtmania Sintel Systems POS
Photo courtesy of Yogurtmania facebook. Check out the clever way they’ve recessed the scale so it doesn’t interfere with the table top.

Monster Frozen Yogurt Cup
All the different ways to have fun with your fro yo.

Yogurt Mania Party
Sometimes we as adults love frozen yogurt so much we forget that it’s a kid’s delightful treat too!

Be sure to visit if you find yourself craving fro yo in that Costa Rican sun:
Plaza Los Laureles. 400 mts.
Oeste del Costa Rica Country Club
10203 EscazĂș, Costa Rica
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