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The lists of what it takes to be successful seems to go on and on from each individuals different perspective. It never hurts to read a new list every so often to refuel your passion to getting on track to paving your way to your next route of success. That’s why we’ve compiled a quick list of small tips that stood out.

Here’s to a road of business on it’s way to success:

Flokka.com – Where women in business blog

Never under estimate the value of networking within your business and personal life. Sometimes customers seem to come from the most unlikely sources.
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BrightFireNetwork.com – Serve, Sell, Succeed

– Systems for EVERYTHING. “If you have to do anything more than once, figure out the most effective and efficient way to do it and then do it that way all the time.” Systematize everything.
A solid profit structure. Structure your services so that your clients get good, consistent results, and you earn a good, consistent income. Beware of discounting, bartering, and trading—you need cash flow (and a profit) to stay in business.
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Conduit.com – Engaging People

– Trust. It’s no coincidence that the most trusted companies are also among the most successful companies. “More than 50 percent of respondents also recall discussing Amazon with friends and family in the past year, and nearly 100 percent of these conversations were positive.” Just as in your personal life, the best way to build trust is to deliver on your promises.
– Low-Cost Scalability. Most entrepreneurs want to see their companies grow, but fewer are prepared for the cost of growth when it happens. There are many common mistakes made by growing companies, but not having a plan to grow quickly and efficiently can be a killer. If you don’t have an efficient plan in place for growth, it will cost you dearly when you get there.
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Purpose. It’s the key ingredient behind every business decision you make. Toss out any responses that say your company’s purpose is making money, as those companies that are most successful have a purpose that extends way beyond the mighty dollar.
– Communicate your purpose. Finding your purpose is certainly a step in the right direction, but what if no one knows about it? Talk about it, describe the importance of it and discuss how the decisions you are making all tie back to the purpose of your company.
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