Sintel System Bakery POS @ Papaya Pastry

Papaya Pastry has joined the long list of bakeries across the globe to partner with Sintel Systems Global POSĀ  to obtain fully integrated bakery pos solution to greatly increase efficiency and even the counter appeal of the shop. Just take a look at the before and after images below.
Before Sintel Systems
After Sintel Systems Bakery POS Solution
After Sintel Systems Bakery Point of Sale Solution
If you are seeking a solid tablet or professional series Point of Sale (POS) solution look no further than Sintel Systems direct and one-stop solution. At Sintel Systems, we consider our customers partners, and we share in success. That why we offer a single-source solution for all POS needs, and a support plan to cover every aspect: Hardware, software and all services including embedded merchant account services.
So whether you’re an established restaurant looking to update an old system or a brand new opening, look to Sintel Systems for the best bakery POS systems. Offering private cloud services, online ordering, delivery, drive thru and more, Sintel Systems is the perfect partner to help your serve your customers, their way.
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