The 4 Vital Ps of Your Business

Currently, we are enjoying unprecedented advancement in technology. Sophisticated tools are being employed in organizations and this has caused the aggression of even more businesses. Unfortunately, as more businesses emerge, the mortality rate of these companies further increases. The underlying reason for this saddening the failure to address the essential 4Ps of business and marketing.


Without a doubt, the success of any product or service hinges on the consumption. Similarly, the consumption can only burgeon when humans can easily transact with your company. Hence, it becomes imperative to ensure that the atmosphere is conducive to productivity and efficiency.
Another important consideration is the environment where staffs do business. Research has shown that the employees in a company will perform better and engender productivity when the right tools are in place for business operation. You might ask, “So, how can my business leverage this knowledge?” We will get to it shortly.


This is, perhaps, the most important aspect of any business operation. The detail that goes into production, the varieties available, the attention to design, packaging, and adherence to standards are all pertinent to getting purchases.
More so, the consumers are particular about the service or the underlying technology of the goods provided. The features of the product, and whether it meets the customer’s expectation is one thing to consider. Still curious on how this can be improved upon? In a few paragraphs.


The process is basically how the raw materials are refined, mixed together, and perfected to create the desired output. It involves the different roles and responsibilities of the members of staff. It also tries to blend the sophisticated tools, management controls, and other factors which facilitate the smooth and efficient running of daily activities.


Finally, the VIP (Very Important Partners). In this digital age, the axiom “no man is an island” extends to companies and organizations. The goal of any productive, profitable, and scalable company is to make the targets, conditions, and requirements of working with partners easier.
In essence, if your business is to achieve year-on-year growth, it is important to settle the relationship with business partners. In fact, make it easier. Working with partners who are in tune with your organization’s business will enable you to see growth in exceeding numbers.
A holistic approach is important to achieve a smooth integration of these 4 Ps. The products, people, process, and partners are all catered for with this direct Point Of Service (POS) solution. Are you tired of your employees complaining about the stress of dealing with unavailable third-party staffs and software developers?
How about customers who refuse to transact with hitherto unreliable POS systems? You enjoy a plethora of benefits when you employ Sintel Systems for your direct POS solutions as they are easy to use; facilitating better transactions with clients, partners, and employees.
Similarly, the process of manufacturing or delivering your services becomes easier. The purchase of materials, the cost of labor, and the actual production process enjoys fluidity with this direct POS solution. In addition, your staffs have the opportunity of enjoying training on the workings of the system and this eliminates any inconvenience.