ServSuccess: A Blueprint for Restaurant Careers

According to a 2016 study by the National Restaurant Association, employee turnover across the restaurant industry was 61%. The percentage is even higher for customer facing employees. It’s estimated that restaurant employers spend an average of almost $2,000 to replace hourly employees and nearly $15,000 to recruit new managers.
Also, currently the restaurant industry has a shortage of workers. We previously discussed
McDonald’s program to recruit older workers to shore up its labor pool.
To help stem the flow of workers leaving the restaurant industry for better opportunities in other fields, the National Restaurant Association has created a program aimed at providing employees with a blueprint to advance into supervisory and managerial roles. Called ServSuccess, the initiative was introduced at the Association’s annual convention in Chicago. The program provides educational resources help participants’ ascend to higher paying positions.
The roadmap sets levels of proficiency, as well as the skills needed to reach higher professional roles. Participating employees will be presented with a certificate at each tier–Restaurant Professional, Restaurant Supervisor and Restaurant Manager–to prove they can perform at that level of ability.
Called ServSuccess, the initiative provides the educational resources to fuel participants’ ascent up the ladder. The employees also benefit from their practical experience. “Restaurant employees will be able to use their years of experience to jumpstart their professional advancement by validating their skills and knowledge,” Dawn Sweeney, CEO of the National Restaurant Association, said while introducing the program. “For restaurant operators, it provides the training and workforce solutions to grow business and service to their communities.”
According to the Restaurant Association, by 2029 about 1.6 million more positions will be created within the restaurant industry.
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