Chain Pizza Hut Updates its Original Pan Pizza Recipe

Pizza Hut announced in a press release that for the first time since the early 1980’s, they are changing the original pan pizza recipe. The chain spent 3 year developing the new pizza which is said to have a tasty revamped sauce and cheese topping. Also the company has created a new pan and baking process to result in crispier crust. Pizza Hut is currently offering deals to encourage costumers to check out the improved pizza.
The company cited the upgraded recipe as responding to the changing marketplace and showing customers that Pizza hut is never complacent about taste. In recent years, Pizza Hut has lost market share to main competitor Domino’s. Not only did Domino’s famously revamp its pizza recipe, the’vee worked hard to provide a wide range of technology driven methods for consumers to place orders.
In fact this week, Domino’s Australia announced the launch of the DOM Pizza Checker in Australia and New Zealand. It’s an AI powered smart scanner that checks each completed pizza against a dataset that shows what a “perfect” pie should look like. The new technology is meant to improve quality consistency, thereby limiting customer complaints. While Domino’s hasn’t yet announced this feature for their US stores, it’s not hard to imagine they will institute a similar program shortly.
Both Pizza Hut and Papa john’s are trying to turn their businesses around and catch up to Domino’s technological edge. This goes to show the importance of using technology to streamline operations and offering omni-channel order options to customers.
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