Self-serve Coffee Concept Taking Flight in Washington, D.C.

We hear about self-serve frozen yogurt more and more each day, with new locations opening daily all over our cities and towns. Now, a new self-serve concept may become more common than anticipated: self-serve coffee. This may seem obvious to some, isn’t coffee generally self-serve at places like gas stations? Although this is true, it is not common to have coffee shops with self-serve coffee, especially not flavored coffee.
The “Zombie Coffee” concept was launched by the D.C. based FroZenYo frozen yogurt company earlier this year. The idea includes a “Starbucks” like experience, but with the customer acting as the barista.
Patrons would be able to pour their own iced or drip hot coffee, followed by adding their own “toppings,” including various flavors, cappuccino, or espresso options. Different creams and sugars would also be available.
The FroZenYo team installed the first self-serve coffee machine in their 10th and F Street location, and this was followed by a Zombie Coffee mobile cart at 17th and Eye Street. The company aims to have coffee at all their frozen yogurt locations, with hopes of a continuously growing self-serve coffee concept.

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