Security camera surveillance released in Empire State Shooting in New York.

New York – August 25, 2012 – Surveillance footage from security cameras at the Empire State Building in New York were released by the NY Police Department today. The security cameras capture two NYPD officers shooting Jeffery Johnson who had just shot his former co-worker Steven Ercolino.

According to police, the 58-year old Johnson was a fashion designer and contracted by Hazan Imports. Last year, the relationship ended on bad terms between Johnson and the company’s CEO Ercolino. A witness described Johnson walking up to Ercolino and shooting him five times without saying a word. Johnson then walked away from the shooting, but was followed by a construction worker who alerted New York Police Officers.
The incident was caught on security cameras as police approached Johnson and a shooting ensued which left Johnson fatally wounded with 10 bullet wounds in the chest, legs, and arms. The gun fire seen on surveillance video left nine other bystanders wounded. Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly stated earlier on Saturday,”it appears that all nine of the victims were struck either by fragments or bullets fired by police.” Both officers had reportedly never fired their weapons on patrol. Security camera footage shows several civilians scattering as the officers started shooting. Three of the victims are in stable condition at local hospitals after whole bullets were removed from their bodies.
Additional security cameras at the office building, allegedly showed the two men pushing and shoving each other earlier. The property manager at the building, John Koch, stated that security cameras showed Ercolino pinning Johnson against the elevator wall by the throat. The men then went their separate ways after Ercolino let him go.
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