Restaurant Startup Episode 7: Comfort Food Cash-In

101701006-restaurant-startup-mezz-2-new_1910x1000Feeling comfortable?! Good! Because this week’s Restaurant Startup focused on comfort foods. Mac-o-licious uses the finest cheese and some “down home Southern roots” to make great mac’n’cheese. Bespoke Doughnuts makes hot, made-to-order donuts, and they describe their product as a “work of art.” Despite their hesitance with the inexperienced business owners, Joe and Tim give the opportunity to Bespoke Doughnuts.
Owners Brian and Riley don’t waste time, already beginning to brainstorm ideas about making the dough lighter as they had been told. Perfecting the dough will definitely take some time, as they need to change around a lot of ingredients.
Tim and Joe throw a curveball: they give Bespoke Doughnuts a food truck opportunity. Because Brian and Riley both had little experience in the business realm, this food truck will allow them to show both Joe and Tim that they can handle running their own restaurant, just on a smaller scale. Besides some challenges in the beginning, the food truck ends successfully with customers raving about the taste of the doughnuts.
Launch day arrives, and Joe and Tim are more than hesitant about the design choices. Regardless, the show must go on. As customers begin to line up, doughnuts are made and served to order. Joe and Tim taste the doughnut in the kitchen, and unfortunately, the taste is not up to par. Because they had left the dough to sit overnight, it has become much too dense and greasy. The restaurant patrons agree that although they like the idea, the flavor is not the best. With no other choice, they are forced to redo the dough in the middle of the launch.
With the new dough, the customers were happier, but Brian and Riley know that today’s launch was not their strongest day. Meeting to decide on an investment, both Joe and Tim are very concerned about the maturity of the two business owners. Joe doesn’t think that the doughnut is the best product. Tim likes the idea, but isn’t sure Brian and Riley can handle the business. In the end, with these factors, neither Joe nor Tim are willing to invest.
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