Frost Bites opens its doors to customers in Fluvanna

10484566_475969799173185_6657089915302547300_oThis past week, Frost Bites premiered their frozen yogurt with a grand opening in Fluvanna County. Owned by The Williams Family, locals in the area, this new self-serve frozen yogurt and ice cream shop hopes to enhance their customers’ experiences each and every time they visit. Sintel Systems was once again happy to see a business come to life as imagined by the business owner, and we were thrilled to be able to help in the process.
The location serves multiple frozen yogurt flavors, but also scoops ice cream! Adding on their multiple toppings, you’re definitely in for a sweet treat here.
Not only are the treats great, but both hot and cold drinks are available as well. From smoothies to sodas, Frost Bites various options for everyone. To top it all off, the shop also offers free WiFi service for all their customers to enjoy.
Stop by to grab some frozen yogurt, a scoop of your favorite ice cream, and just to relax with friends. 

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