Pizza Continues as One of the Best Choices Within QSR

According to recent survey by Technomic (a restaurant industry tracker), Americans are on average eating Pizza four times a month in 2015 as compared to 3.4 times a month in 2014. The most recent reported rate of Pizza eating is the highest in the last four year.
Pizza-Point-of-Sale-POS-Software-www.SintelSystems.comDeanna Jordan who is manager of consumer insights stated, “Today’s consumers are less beholden to their standard pizza orders, as emerging players push the envelope of what’s expected on a pizza menu. New chef-designed specialty pizzas positioned as customizable thought-starters will serve to convey kitchen skills and allow for the personalization these consumers increasingly expect.” These seems in pace with her analysis in 2014  when referring to Pizza as “undoubtedly one of America’s favorite foods, with the pizza category representing a significant proportion of limited-service sales and bested only by the burger category. ”
The report indicated that unique toppings such as chicken and prosciutto are “highly important” to 40% of consumers in 2015 as a compared to 32% in 2013. Pizza fans are also placing importance on understanding nutritional content, but ironically vegetarian pizzas are decreasing in favor as reported by Restaurant Business (a division of Technomic). Furthermore, flavors such as buffalo sauce and sriracha are increasing  in popularity as tomato sauces has seen decreasing demand.
The report concluded that “Pizza consumption is high and has remained relatively steady since 2012. However, the category is evolving as the fast-casual pizza segment gains momentum and pushes pizza players to focus on innovative, high-quality pizzas served in a more upscale environment.”
“This is a trend that continues as the pizza industry innovates like others in the restaurant business to remain relevant with a dynamic consumer,” according to a senior staff executive at Sintel Systems which provides pizza point of sale (POS) systems to the pizza industry and pizzerias. “We will continue to see the expansion of the entire pizza induPOS-Technical-Support-Sintel-Systems-855-POS-SALE-www.SintelSystesm.comstry from pizza delivery operations like Dominos and PizzaHut to fast casual ideas such as Pieology and 800 Degrees. Sintel Systems continues to ensure the growth of our client  be offering a single-source Pizza POS solution with all inclusive support services to ensure our partners can concentrate on operations.”