Malware Continues to Target POS Merchant Accounts

Venerability! That is the key criminals and hackers seek to find when seeking ways to infiltrate Sintel-Systems-Hardware-Model-5i-www.SintelSystems.compoint-of-sale (POS) systems typically by designing malware. A good example of this is when malware dubbed MalumPoS in 2015 was designed to steal payment information from Micros POS systems. MalumPoS is described as “highly configurable memory-scraping” malware which targets the payment track data memory processes which is essentially the encoded information on credit and charge card’s magnetic strips.
There are many ways that POS systems and their associated payment processing become vulnerable and get infected. There are several steps businesses can take to protect themselves against such attacks including:

  1.  Eliminating extra parties in the POS system. As an example, Sintel Systems offers a true one-stop POS solution inclining software embedded merchant account processing which eliminated third parties.
  2.  Remote accessing POS systems through back office and HQ
  3.  Maintaining a technical support plan with a POS company which offers the needed updates and upgrades in an environment which the criminals constantly innovate. Sintel Systems premium POSupport program offers all inclusive services under one plan.

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