2019 National Restaurant Association Show

The International Food and Beverage Industry Show will be held on May 18-21, 2019 at McCormick Place convention center near the shore of Lake Michigan, in Chicago, Illinois. The event is put on by the National Restaurant Association (NRA).
The National Restaurant Association is the largest food service trade association in the world with a membership of  more than 500,000 restaurant businesses. The NRA develops food safety training and certification programs for restaurant employees. Among is many projects, the NRA  presents a series of awards, including the Faces of Diversity, the American Dream Awards, and the Restaurant Neighbor Award.
The International Food and Beverage Industry Show will be a chance for restaurant owners of all sizes to network, learn, discover and be inspired. The event is focused on showcasing tools and resources to deliver strategies for restaurants to flourish and exponentially grow in the international food marketplace.
Some 45,000 visitors will be able to interact with around 2,300 exhibitors offering the latest items in the Food and Beverages industry such as cooking equipment, tableware,  technology and entertainment products.
Also there will be a number of talks discussing the industry. The premiere vendor discussion panel ‘The Future of Dining’ will be moderated by Dawn Sweeney, President & CEO of the National Restaurant Association. The panel will have a conversation with CEOs from some of the most inventive QSR, full-service dining, c-stores, and grocery organizations–John Cywinski from Applebee’s Bar & Grill, Randy Edeker from Hy-Vee, Tim McEnery from Cooper’s Hawk, and Chris Gheysens from Wawa. They will participate in an insightful discussion on where, when, what, and how people will dine in the coming years.
The tradeshow will have a super session titled ‘The Future of Restaurants’.  This talk will feature four experts in restaurant tech and will focus on both consumer-facing and back-of-house innovations to modernize and improve efficiencies. The speakers will also walk the audience through new technologies not yet widely used but already in place for forward-thinking companies.
Furthermore, the convention will host a session called: “Winning at the Restaurant Business: Insights from the Top 500′. Attendees will learn where the restaurant industry is headed, which concepts are winning big (and why), and the latest in acquisitions and financial trends. Additionally, attendees will learn how eateries are using predictive technology to anticipate industry trends for their businesses.
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