Nanci's Frozen Yogurt Takes Charge in Supplying More Than Just Froyo

Nanci’s Frozen Yogurt is a global supplier of premium soft-serve mixes including frozen yogurt, fruit freezer sorbet, no-sugar added mix, smoothie mix, and non-dairy soft serve. John and Nanci originally began Wudel Inc. in 1979 in their then home-state of Utah. John received a dairy patent for his fructose-sweetened ice cream, the first ever in the United States. However, as a shift from ice cream to frozen yogurt began to take over the dessert world, the Wudels adapted and also shifted their focus.

Nanci's frozen yogurt POS

The company’s Vice President, Johny Wudel, states that Nanci’s frozen yogurt is not only the “creamiest and smoothest frozen yogurt product on the market,” but it also has “significant health benefits, including healthier sweeteners, lower calories, and active probiotic cultures.”
In addition, Nanci’s frozen yogurt ensures that they will go above and beyond for all their customers, not only serving as a vendor for clients but also forming deep relationships with them in order to advise and consult whenever needed. According to Wudel, the company has two main goals: first, to provide the best tasting and healthiest frozen desserts on the market, and second, to help entrepreneurs start new business and grow existing ones.
Many people across the globe are coming into the frozen yogurt business. If you are one of them, you may have a lot of questions and concerns. Wudel says the most important action to take if you are opening a frozen yogurt shop is to expand your offering. He suggests combining other products with your business instead of only selling yogurt. Being creative in the competitive market is key to staying relevant.
NancisBoxesLogoFurthrmore, Wudel acknowledges that sometimes the simple aspects of running a business are forgotten, and this is not beneficial.
“Don’t forget the basics. Frozen yogurt shops are relatively easy to operate, but all the basic business principles still exist. Location, solid operations, great customer service, and effective marketing are critical to your success,” Wudel said.
These ideas are what make Nanci’s Frozen Yogurt unlike many other suppliers. They work diligently to guarantee all their clients feel confident and progressive in their business. With their experience and knowledge, they are successful in all aspects.
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