Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream Making Its Way in the Dessert Industry

Instantaneous ice cream. What a concept! Well, liquid nitrogen is now making it possible. Multiple ice cream stores across the nation have now opened based on ice cream made instantaneously, right in front of the customer as they order.
Liquid nitrogen is a chemical element with a boiling point of 195.8 below 0 degrees Celcius. What does that mean? Simply put, it’s very cold! Using this product, business owners are able to add basic ingredients such as milk, half & half, vanilla, and some sugar to make vanilla ice cream in minutes! And yes you guessed it…you can substitute in anything from chocolate syrup to honey to strawberries to make your own flavor.
Although a bit dangerous, if utilized and handled correctly, the liquid nitrogen is harmless. Now, you can literally watch your ice cream being made right in front of you, with all the different ingredients you request.
10500356_669384443138358_9196778038829752274_nThe trend is catching on; shops like Creamistry in Orange County, CA and Ice Cream Lab in Beverly Hills, CA are successfully using this concept to make their ice cream. Having recently visited Creamistry myself, I can safely say that is some great ice cream!
Now, does the same concept work for frozen yogurt? Yes! Sub Zero Ice Cream (as seen on ABC’s popular Shark Tank), uses liquid nitrogen to not only make ice cream but frozen yogurt too! With over 40 locations now open or coming soon, their success shows just how much this concept has taken off.
If you are looking into opening a liquid nitrogen ice cream or frozen yogurt shop, let Sintel Systems help you get started. Learn more about Sintel’s point of sale systems and how our knowledge and support can impact your future success by giving us a call for a complimentary phone consultation.


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