Chocolate Confectioner Godiva Plans to Open Cafes

The Belgium chocolate confectioner Godiva recently announced that it will open 2,000 cafes over the next six years. The first cafe is set to open shortly in Manhattan. The cafes will have complete menus, serving a wide range of coffees, teas, yogurt parfaits and grab-and-go items such as sandwiches.  Of course the cafe will offer a variety of sweet items such as the croiffle, a croissant and waffle hybrid that’s stuffed with fillings like chocolate and pressed on a waffle iron. Each of the cafes will have the same core menu, but will be tailored to regional tastes.
Currently, Godiva operates about 800 stores in 105 countries. However, the store offerings are limited to items such as boxed chocolates, chocolate-covered strawberries and ice cream. Some of the traditional stores will be converted into cafes, but Godiva is looking beyond shopping areas. The company will open stand-alone stores and stores in airport locations.
Godiva wants to be more than just a gift choice for Valentine’s Day, special occasions or the holidays. The company see the cafes as big sales opportunities, especially in Asia and the Middle East, where shoppers prefer to sit down to eat instead of utilizing grab-and-go options. The company plans to increase revenue fivefold by 2025. Godiva believes their cafes will stand out among other coffee outlets because of its long standing reputation for quality which goes back to when Godiva first opened in 1926.

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