Frozen Yogurt: concept or fad?

Putting eateries such as Subway or Tacobell with gas stations has been a successful combo for years, but combining a self-serve frozen yogurt shop with gas stations is fast becoming a profitable proposition for gas station owners across the country.  Commuters traveling on Interstate 5, 60 miles east of Fresno, are greeted by Yogurt Swirl at a Shell gas station in the town of Fireball.
With any new business idea, it is common to ask: is this a concept or a fad? This question helps investors analyze if the idea will continue to grow and expand and more importantly, stay relevant over time. A concept is more likely to have growth potential, while a fad stays popular for a short amount of time before slowly dying out.
The importance of this frozen yogurt trend in gas stations further signifies that self-serve is a fundamental concept that continues to grow. Many argue that with a great concept comes oversaturation within a specific geographic market, meaning too many stores selling the same concept are being built. However, that is not necessarily indicative of a product’s longevity. The birth place of self-serve (California) has clearly proven this as it is experiencing a healthy resurgence after going through the normal market cycle in its early years.
There are currently about 180 Yogurtland business locations in the state of California. Putting this large franchise aside, there are over 1200 frozen yogurt shops in the greater Los Angeles area alone. This means there is one frozen yogurt shop per every half-square-mile, approximately. Despite the obvious oversaturation, the concept of frozen yogurt continues everyday to develop and expand, leaving room for business owners to progress in the froyo-world.
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