Marketing Your Connection with Customers: Gift Cards and Rewards Cards

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Gift Cards have many uses besides the usual last minute birthday gift. With the right marketing approach they can be utilized in so many more ways than one first begins to realize. Gift/Loyalty/Points Cards can become a great revenue generating marketing tool if you know how to work it. Rewards and promotions marketing helps to drive customers back to your Frozen Yogurt Parlor, Cafe, Pizza Shop, Kabob Stand or any other business over and over again.
There are many ways you can start handing out your Rewards Cards:
**The easiest thing you can first do is to begin offering Rewards Cards when customers come to make their first purchase at your store.
**You don’t just have to sit in your shop or put out ads to wait for customers to come to your shop. Preloading $1 or $2 promotional gift/rewards cards, acting as a sort of coupon, is a great way to reach out and tie a string leading customers to find your business.
Here are a few options for using preloaded gift cards as low as $1 or $2:
Coupons for Local Businesses: Dropped off cards at local businesses around your location. Offer employees of local business discounts. Have them pass the cards to their family and friends.
Friends & Family: Give the low value cards to family and friends. Have them pass it out to their friends, neighbors and co-workers.
Public Service: Local Police and Firefighters are great returning customers. In addition telling one is like telling the whole department. Dropping some off at City Hall is not a bad idea either.
Church Groups: Members are always looking for a place to hang out. Provide a few cards here and you will be sure to find members merging at your business.
Local Radio Station: A $20 Gift Card can earn you a priceless plug that can drive many. Make sure to state your address on the card and having an easy phone number helps.
Schools and Community: Give them as prizes. Teachers are always looking for ways to award their students. Giving back to the schools brings students to your shop and each card you give away will bring more then just one winner. Since students are rarely alone, most will make their visit along with friends, brothers & sisters, and parents all because of a $2 Gift Card.
Once they’ve got your Gift/Rewards/Promotions Card with your logo and your name on it, they’ll be sure to remember to come by and check out your store. As soon as the customer learns they can use their cards to gain points with each purchase, there will be incentive to come back and gain more points! You control what kind of discount they will get, you can even begin your own customer loyalty point game system to redeem points acquired. You can design it however you like; for example, first customer to redeem 3,000 points gets free tickets to the zoo for a family of 4.
You can have a great game plan and do all the right promoting, but if you’re not original enough about your product and brand image; then you’ll be sure to fall short of catching the attention of a potential customer.
“Human beings are largely visually led animals,” wrote James in the article called “The Importance of Image” for The Brand Canvas. “We like to be amused by pretty things. From the dawn of time we have had a profound obsession and strong connection with images, and it can be arguably said today that we’re more visually led than ever.”
To read the rest of the article go here.
Have you ever been to a place where you were presented with different card design options? Do you ever notice how some cards sell out faster than others?
“Consumer research has shown that taste/flavor perceptions have been affected by the color of the plate the food is served on, the person’s mood, background noise, food labels, the type of spoon and the quality of the packaging.” The International Frozen Yogurt Association says in regards to design. “A well-designed, branded cup looks more pleasing to the eye than a plain cup.”
To read more on the importance of branding from IFYA go here.
People like keeping things in their wallet that they like. If you want to work on building a strong and flourishing business, then start by strengthening your foundations. Creating a brand that will be loved will surely last longer than just a product with no special meaning to surround it.
Here at Sintel Systems we pride ourselves in being your One-Stop Solutions for anything POS; not only do you come to us for your POS hardware and software needs, but as well, POS supplies such as gift cards (as well as always including tips & tricks about the business). We see the openings and we want to share and see you succeed.
We’ll handle your gift card orders, just send us in your image/logo/design and all the information you would like gathered on your card. You can print anything you like. The possibilities are endless. Let us work with your design to help you pick out the most eye-catching best seller.
To put in your next order of Gift/Reward/Promotion Cards call (972)POS-SALES. A representative in our Creative Department will be happy to assist you.
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