Essential Functions of Retail POS Software

Point of Sale SystemHere at Sintel Systems we understand that it can be an overwhelming task deciding which Retail POS Software to use. With the ever increasing market for POS systems all across retail stores nowadays it’s hard to know how to make the right choice. Sintel Systems offers all these basic features with our software for you store.
Here are a few simple features one must consider in order to decide which Retail POS Software is best for their retail store:
Point of Sale (POS) – This feature helps employees ring up customers and process payments. This application ensures cashiers charge the correct amount, adjusts inventory and prints reciepts.
• Inventory Control – Deducts inventory as sales are completed and provides alert for when inventory levels are low. Also provides reports on inventory movement trends.
• Retail Accounting – Centralizes accounting data and provides accurate details on business performance. Incorporates information such as inventory and payroll.
• Retail CRM (Customer Relationship Management) – Stores and tracks customer information and purchase history for marketing purposes.
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In addition, for those of you who plan to franchise, Sintel Systems also offers franchise store management. Here are some features we offer:
• Retrieve Information from Stores
• Payroll Information
• Sales Data
• Profit Loss Reporting
• Inventory Reports

Sintel Systems also offers multi-store surveillance capabilities to connect all of your franchise stores.
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