Restaurant Startup Episode 2: A Truck Load of Money

101701006-restaurant-startup-mezz-2-new_1910x1000Week two of Restaurant Startup finds two burger food trucks, each with their own distinct style and flavors. Bacon Bacon is just as the name says: bacon with everything! Not just limited to beef burgers, they also sell grilled cheese, fried chicken sandwiches, and even bacon dipped in chocolate. Baby’s Badass Burgers says their selling point is selling not only a “badass” burger, but with a side of babes! Joe and Tim agree to go with Baby’s Badass Burgers, hoping the two women behind the business can truly be “real restaurant people.”
The first problem arises when the women realize there is no flattop grill in the kitchen. Being used to their food-truck, they aren’t sure that the stovetop will work. Next, they find a problem with choosing outfits for their servers, as Tim and Joe did not agree with the original style. Lori decides to go against Waylynn’s advice, and asks a friend to create the outfits. With 30 hours left to launch, the interior design is set in stone, and the women begin food prep.
Restaurant opening is here, and the decision is made to use the grill in their truck instead of the restaurant’s kitchen. This will require the servers to be running from the back parking lot to the dining room in order to bring in orders. Erica makes the decision not to partially cook any of the burgers, and this ends with disastrous results. The kitchen is completely backed up, and no food is being brought out to customers. Meanwhile, more and more patrons line up waiting to be seated. Seeing the problems arise, Tim jumps in the kitchen to start cooking alongside the chef.
Following the opening, Tim reveals that only 76% of customers said the city needed this restaurant. This stood as a concern for them, but nevertheless, Joe offers $250,000 for 50% equity in the restaurant and 40% in the food trucks. Erica and Lori both agree that Joe’s offer makes the most sense with their brand, and a deal is made.

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