Do Gift Cards and Gift Certificates expire?

What are gift card or gift certificates? Wikipedia defines Gift Cards as “restricted monetary equivalent or scrip that is issued by retailers or banks to be used as an alternative to a non-monetary gift.
855-POS-SALENow can gift cards or gift certificates expire? A very good question!
Short Answer: It Depends.
On what: The laws governing your State or Country.
As an example, in California, the Department of Consumer Affairs regulates Gift Cards and you can read more on it here. Connecticut.
Our recommendation:

  1. Familiarize yourself with the laws governing your jurisdiction.
  2. Go beyond the laws to satisfy your customers. How? Read these examples:
  • A. Example 1: The laws in your State says that Gift Cards expire after two (2) years and the store can reject any older cards. Let your customers know that their gift cards don’t ever expire!
  • B. Example 2: The laws in your Country say that the store does not have to refund the money on Gift Cards. A customer rushes and says that he wants to get 10 gift cards for his employees. He asks, “what happens if I only give out 8? Can I return the rest?” Make it your stores policy to refund Gift Cards that are not uses.

If you treat your customers the way you want to be treated, then you are on your way to success.
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